Fairgreen Sod Farms

Two seasons ago we purchased a new Trebro TSR to harvest alongside our two AutoStack’s. The TSR has exceeded our expectations for production and reliability. The new operating system has made it easy to train new drivers. We really like the rotating cab that gives the  operator unmatched visibility of the harvesting operation. In addition the cross conveyor scrap dump really works well to get the scraps rolls out of the way so you don’t run over them preventing the possibility of additional scrap. 

We have been a Trebro customer for over 20 years now thanks to the outstanding service and support they provide. Since we made the switch to Trebro a crew of 4 is able to harvest 3 times as much sod as a crew of 8 once did.  These machines are able to harvest in the toughest conditions, rain, cold and even snow without ever complaining about the weather.  The labour savings combined with the unmatched productivity and reliability makes Trebro the clear choice when purchasing an automatic sod harvester.  

Thanks Trebro for helping us provide our customers with industry leading product and service,

Cam Fairty, Family and Staff

Fairgreen Sod Farms Ltd

Markham, Ontario Canada

Matt Gauthier  and his son Cayden

Fairgreen Sod Farms Ltd