A. Linde Sod Farms

We got our new Trebro AutoStack II in 2011. It is an amazing machine that has helped us reduce our labor cost in half and harvesting turf now is a much more enjoyable experience. The AutoStack II is easy to operate and the stacks of turf produced are very stable making loading and unloading our trucks extremely efficient. Also we can now harvest 300 to 400 pallets in hard clays soils using a single set of blades; this is a fraction of the number of blades we used in the past.

The AutoStack II is an extremely reliable machine but when we do need help the back- up service and parts support from Trebro is outstanding. The guys at Trebro are great!  Bottom line “WE ARE HAPPY WITH OUR TREBRO AUTOSTACK II

WADE POORT – A. Linde Sod Farms, Smithville, Ontario, Canada