Fairgreen Sod Farms

Two seasons ago we purchased a new Trebro TSR to harvest alongside our two AutoStack’s. The TSR has exceeded our expectations for production and reliability. The new operating system has made it easy to train new drivers. We really like the rotating cab that gives the  operator unmatched visibility of […]

Clarksville Sod

We have had nothing but great results with both of our AUII machines. If we ever have minor issues they are easily fixed in the field within 5 minutes. Downtime is at an absolute minimal. Great customer service from everyone at Trebro. Our Trebro rep Ray even shows up unannounced […]

Turner Turf Farms, Corp

Should anyone want to know, we have been turf farming since 1979 and The Trebro TSR is the finest turf harvester we have ever owned. Turner Turf Farms, Corp., Gary and Laurie Turner, Rob Turner and Buck Brady    

Vandemark Sod Farms

“Our two new TSR harvesters are without question the best investment we’ve made in a long time. The quality of cut, uniformity, and speed help provide consistent products that our customers truly appreciate. Machines are well engineered and easy to operate. The rotating cab and simple rejection system allow operator […]

Morris Bros

“We bought our first Autostack in 2002,we have changed them regularly and always received a great residual value. We received an Autostack2 in October 2014 with our previous seven year old Autostack1 ,which was in amazing condition, already sold with the new customer eager to take delivery. The new machine […]

Big Lake Sod Farms

“ My most favorite thing I like about my Trebro SC 2010 is it never gets tired, it is extremely dependable and shows up for work every day. I love it, it is fantastic.” Wayne Purschke, Big Lake Sod Farms, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada  

Mike Braddell

“The new Trebro AutoStack II is a great machine that is backed up with great service and support. The Trebro service team has always gone above and beyond the call of duty, if we have a problem they are on it right away and are quick to get it resolved. […]

L & M Sod Farms Ltd

I have been in the sod industry for 30 plus years and without a doubt the Trebro AutoStack II is the best piece of equipment that I  have ever bought! It is an incredibly efficient and  reliable machine. Also the palletless forks system we use is headache free, eliminates the […]

A. Linde Sod Farms

We got our new Trebro AutoStack II in 2011. It is an amazing machine that has helped us reduce our labor cost in half and harvesting turf now is a much more enjoyable experience. The AutoStack II is easy to operate and the stacks of turf produced are very stable […]

Boelens Graszoden, Borger

Since 2005 we have been working with auto-stacking sod harvesters. The TREBRO SC2010 is the third generation of auto-stackers at our company and our experience is that this machine meets all our needs. From an economic point: We harvest more turf in less hours. So we save fuel and labour […]

Oliver Sod Farms

We stack 70 rolls on a pallet and are getting 1050 pallets out of a set of Trebro blades. With competitor’s blades we average between 400-700 pallets (depending on the brand) and do not like how they cut compared to the Trebro blade. CHARLIE OLIVER –  Oliver Sod Farms, Incorporated, […]

West Coast Turf

With the Trebro blade, 267 pallets were cut before sharpening the blade and then cutting continued. With the other blades West Coast Turf previously used, only 80 pallets were cut and the blade was no longer usable. Well as you can see the Trebro blade is 3 times better! KEVIN […]

TLC Turf

This machine has allowed me to harvest as much if not more grass with half the labor. My crew used to consist of 8 people and now I only have 3 on the payroll not including myself. It has also allowed me to fill last minute orders, for instance when […]

Panhandle Turf LLC

As long as I am harvesting sod , I hope I never have to be without one again. John Simmons – Panhandle Turf LLC, Lillian, AL

Green Horizons

Working on the sod farm has always been great but showing the boys up on the Autostack is the best! ANGELA – Professional AutoStack Operator, Green Horizons, Hamilton, Sod, Ontario, Canada.

Teal Turf

The HarveStack has transformed what used to be a stressful, tiring and unpopular task into a stress free, enjoyable operation. We have also been surprised to find there is less wastage and greater ability to harvest over undulations in a turf field. SUSAN & PETER LOLE – Teal Turf, Worcester, […]

A&L Superior Quality Sod, Inc.

Dependable employees have always been hard to find. Now our HarveStack is ready to go when we are. The labor savings have more than made up for the cost of the machine. THE ROBINSONS – A&L Superior Quality Sod, Inc., Lino Lakes, Minnesota

Turner Turf Farms

Our HarveStack is a truly amazing machine. It no longer matters whether we need to cut 5 pallets of turf or 50 pallets – this machine takes all the work out of harvesting and lets us concentrate on raising turf. Plus, add on to that Trebro’s exceptional customer service. We […]

Hogdal Sod Farms

The Trebro HarveStack affords me the opportunity to make up for the guaranteed labor force I lost by having four girls. The highly efficient productivity of this machine has been very beneficial to my family’s turf operation. Thanks for keeping me in business.\ JOHN HOGDAL – Hogdal Sod Farms, Minnesota


We have operated two HarveStacks for a year now. The significant labour savings these machines provide has enabled us to concentrate our efforts on producing higher quality turf. Our customers prefer the 24″ rolls that have quickly become an industry standard. We like our HarveStacks so much that we have […]

Petersen Turf Farms

The HarveStack is the tool of the sod industry and every turf grower should have one in their toolbox. We are very impressed with how easy the pallets handle and how neat they look. We now offer a consistent quality product that our landscape customers truly appreciate. STEVE PETERSEN – […]

M & M Sod Farms

I have been very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the HarveStack machines. The quality of cut is outstanding – this is what sold me on Trebro. MIKE WAGNER – M & M Sod Farms, Illinois

Savage Farms

Our Trebro has been a positive experience in many ways. It has increased our production speed, freed up men for other jobs, and significantly reduced the amount of scrap with it’s high quality of cut. JOHN & JAY SAVAGE – Savage Farms, West Deerfield, Massachusetts

Fairgreen Sod Farms, Ltd.

I bought my first Trebro AutoStack in 2005 because I needed a machine to replace the escalating cost of labor in our area. I saved so much in the first year that I got a second unit this fall. I also save a ton of money on blade expense thanks […]

Beverley Turf Farms

At Beverley Turf Farms we’ve become Enlightened. Piling sod off the ground behind a Ryan Cutter in the early 70’s to a Brouwer Sod Harvesters in the mid 70’s and for far too long. Until 2000 and our first Autostack and the beginning of our enlightenment. We received our second […]

Woerner Turf

We purchased our first Trebro Automatic turf harvester in 2006. The new technology of the Trebro is a great answer to the comprehensive labor issue that we face on the farm and our customers face in the market place. Our farm management staff compliments the production efficiency and the labor […]

Zim Sod

I was escorting a few people around the farm one day and one of them asked “how do you like your AutoStack”? I answered, “you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers”. GARY BLOCKER – Zim Sod, Zim, Minnesota

Quantico Creek Sod Farm

Thanks to the Trebro AutoStack and HarveStack, with a total field crew of just Jason and myself, we can harvest, and load on average 12 semi truck loads of sod per day. The labor savings is incredible, and when things get real busy 20 truck loads in not out of […]

Kogelmann’s Creek-side Sod Farms

The Trebro AutoStack is the best “back saving” piece of machinery ever invented. Thanks to our two AutoStacks we have reduced our sod harvesting crew from 12 men down to 2 very happy operators, Thank you Trebro. GARY KOGELMANN – Kogelmann’s Creek-side Sod Farms, Macomb Michigan

Eagle Lake Farms

The AutoStack was one of the better investments I have made. We can react to the needs of our customers faster and with less labor. It has given us added flexibility in how we run our operation. ERIC HEUVER – Eagle Lake Farms, Alberta, Canada

Ludema and Boyink Sod Farm

When asked how he liked his Trebro AutoStack, Joe Boyink replied “It is an amazing machine and is ridiculously reliable” JOE BOYINK – Ludema and Boyink Sod Farm, Clarksville, MI

Carolina Turf Farms, Inc.

The Trebro SC2010 has become the main component to our harvesting.  Our customers love the consistency of cut and our product looks great on the pallet.  I couldn’t see us moving forward without the Trebro SC2010 harvesting our sod! SCOTT BENTON – Carolina Turf Farms, Inc. Raeford, North Carolina


Thank you to Trebro for revolutionising our turf harvesting. Since attending the TPI turf show at Johnson Farms we have ordered a new Autostack 2. Our previous two Autostack 1 harvesters proved to be such reliable and productive machines and we have confidence that the new Autostack 2 will provide […]