Used Equipment

: 2009 Trebro Gen II HarveStack   Recently updated !

For sale: 2009 Trebro Gen II HarveStack, only 2000 hours, very nice clean machine, ready to go to work. Asking $75,000.00. For more information contact Ian True at 888-395-5867 or  

2012 Brouwer Robomax II

For Sale: 2012 Brouwer Robomax II automatic stacking turf harvester 24” wide cut. 7700 hours, in great condition, serviced on a regular basis with many new parts installed. Some spare parts go with the machine. Asking $95,000.00 USD. For additional information please  contact James at 519-289-5340.

Brouwer 1570 with Trebro StackIt attachment

For Sale: Brouwer 1570 with Trebro StackIt attachment.  Ready to work, low hours I good condition. Asking price $40,000.00 OBO located in Oklahoma. For more info please call Mark Henson @(888)395-5867.

2015 Trebro AUII

For Sale: 2015 AutoStack 2 very low hours, available for immediate use, harvester is field ready. Asking $285,000.00 FOB Alabama. For more info please contact Mark Henson @ (888) 395-5867  

2018 Brouwer Robomax

For Sale: 2018 Brouwer Robomax, low hours, great condition, field ready. Available when customer receives their new harvester. Asking price of $200,000.00 OBO. Located in Oklahoma. For More information please call Mark Henson @ (888)395-5867.  

2016 Brouwer Robomax

For Sale: 2016 Brouwer Robomax in good condition. Field ready and available immediately. Located in Oklahoma, asking $150,000.00 OBO. For more information please contact Mark Henson @ (888)395-5867.  

2015 Trebro SC2010 Roll

For Sale : Trebro SC 2010 Roll, used 3 seasons with only 2300 hours, this reliable, extremely maneuverable machine is ideally suited for a wide range of harvesting conditions, asking price is $170,000.00 USD, FOB MD. For more information contact Glenn at 301-343-6442.  

2003 Trebro AutoStack

For Sale: 2003 Trebro AutoStack, well maintained and in excellent condition. There are 5934.7 hours on the machine right now.  The engine was rebuilt at 5887 hours.  So the new engine has 47 hours on it.  There are several thousand dollars in spare parts that will go with the machine […]

2007 Trebro AutoStack

For Sale: 2007 AutoStack field ready for immediate use,many extras,in excellent condition FOB Virginia asking $150,000.00. For more in contact Mark Henson @ (888)395-5867.       

2012 Trebro SC2010

Great condition 2012 SC 2010 for sale. Very mechanically sound machine with 4040 hours. Asking $125,000 USD. Located in Manitoba. Serviced and ready for your farm. Contact Ryan for more information: <> or 204-467-9013                  

2004 Trebro HarveStack

2004 Trebro HarveStack mounted on a John Deere 6220 4WD Tractor. One owner, one operator, in great condition, well maintained. 6800 Hours. Asking $55,000.00 USD FOB Alberta. For additional information contact Ryan at 403-332-1517.    

2014 Loadmac 825

2014 Loadmac 825 forklift for sale with 831hrs. This forklift has a 5500 lb. lifting capacity, a 49hp Yanmar diesel, hydrostatic drive with the extended reach 10’ mast. This forklift can unload a trailer from one side. When the carriage is extended, it tilts and side shifts! We have changed […]

Trebro AutoSlab parts

For Sale: 2006 Trebro AutoSlab everything but the tractor. Complete set of parts for a Trebro AutoSlab, a great buy at $15,000.00 for more details contact David at:  301-509-2729